[Brand Concept]

Fashion Brand specializing in Extreme Sports

A brand based on industrial (industrial) design, incorporating the opinions and ideas of athletes and artists into the takumi (takumi) brand with a unique worldview.
“SAG” means “THUG”
Expressing “as you want” and “will” in the underground world of street fashion.
“Climb from the bottom to the superstar”
The original icon is a symbol mark.
A blend of all street fashion genres and playfulness.
Continued to be strongly supported by Extreme Sports athletes.

[Brand History]
Founded in 1933, the bag factory that has inherited the tradition began in early 2000 with the support activities of professional snowboarders.
Moved his activity base to San Francisco and made a leap forward in fixie bike culture.

In 2003, the brand “SAG” was announced in the same year.
With the concept of “multifunctionality that works well in harsh snowy mountains and a simple back that looks good on the street”, we are active in San Francisco, New York, and Tokyo with professional snowboarders, professional skaters, and professional photographers at SAG CREW.
And it was created and making by many athletes such as messenger.
In the same year, released 1st MODEL “DELTA FORCE I” which was developed by trial and error before the announcement.
After that, they released Messenger Bag etc. and became famous as a pioneer brand.

Backs up and supports athletes and artists.

There are many collaboration models with various fields in the fields of brands and arts, both in Japan and overseas, and it is widely recognized as a brand with a strong sense of limitation.

[Product Design]

The Messenger Bag, for example, is all professionally designed.

It is designed so that even if a delivery item is put in, the body is rolled up on the back side to increase mobility and not hinder driving.

As a messenger who is fighting against time, putting in and taking out deliveries at the collection and delivery destination leads to a loss of time, so it was NG for the bag that had to be taken off the shoulder and body one by one.
So SAG made it possible to release the shoulder with one hand using the original metal fittings and to easily rotate the bag from the back to the front with its own axis.
-Although it is an original metal fitting, one of its features is that it deviates from general products due to its sharp tusks.
* Please caution.
This is because the weight of the delivered item is sometimes very heavy, and it is to prevent the metal fittings of general products from coming off easily due to the violent movement during traveling.
In addition, because such sharp claws will break the belt immediately, SAG has original and strong special specifications even for the shoulder.
The reason why there is a LOGO on the bottom of the bag is that the fixed bike that Messenger prefers to ride has its body leaning forward, so only the bottom of the bag can be seen by cars running behind it.
Therefore, the SAG doubles as a safety device when driving at night, and is placed on the bottom so that the LOGO replaces the reflector.
The fact that the LOGO is slanted means that the slanted bag will be level when you carry it on your back.

One of the characteristics of SAG is that it is just a playful thing.
Therefore, at SAG, we aim to create a product with an “intentional spirit” that does not allow any compromise for all reasons.

In addition, as a measure to prevent the delivered items from getting wet with rain, regardless of the size of the delivered items, the position of the delivered items can be adjusted steplessly to prevent overflow and water drops.
The lining material is originally orange, and the contents are easy to see even in the dark.

Many other features have been added, and the secrets of fans who know SAG are hidden.
Even after you purchase it, please look for various details and commitments yourself and enjoy sag life.