Artist producer : RAYCO

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Carry through today even if I die tomorrow !!
Something from nothig

She’s busy every day to contract label for Bryce Oliver.
This is a special interview of them just before contract in LA.

She moved to LA in her teens when she was shocked by famous artist ICE-T.
She wanted to be like him and larked how to live.

20 years has passed in LA. She wished to work in music field and kept going studious promoting herself for the first 2 years
Can everyone do this? Maybe no. This is how she acieve.

Later she started to work as a load manager of Fed Demarco.
Actually the members makes you scared. They are real gang stars.
You cannot say anything even if you’re killed.

“To be honest, I archived without giving up. Thanks to teaching by ICE-T as her professor. That’s the word.

“Something from nothing”.

That’s to say “Spirit”.

“Freedom” She talks about freedom like this. It’s difficult for salary man who work from 9 to 5 to do what they really want to do.
To have own time is important.

How do you feel? That’s the most necessary for this era. Is it so difficult to live doing what you really like?
Money is a tool to live but you shouldn’t live for money. Let’s enjoy living your precious life!!

It’s said that many people get stressed because of unreasonable society.
Normally, the more people get tired, the more unreasonable demand and behavior people have.
These people cannot have a bright future.
They can’t get anything.
Or they might not notice even their situation. Are you OK to have life like waiting the death? No.

Photography cooperation: Bryce Oliver
Coverage cooperation: RAYCO